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Bariatric Surgery Aftercare

Many patients believe that the weight-loss process begins and ends on the day of surgery. But that is decidedly not the case. In fact, obesity is a lifelong struggle, surgery or not, and the real work begins after surgery. This is why we encourage patients not to think of the surgical option as the easy way out. It is not.

After surgery, there are several phases of post bariatric life, beginning with early recovery. This includes the 6-to-12-week period immediately after surgery, during which patients must follow their post bariatric plan very closely. You will cycle through several diets, eventually reaching a modified weight loss diet that will last up to two years after surgery. During this time, patients will also need to care for their wounds, exercise, and adjust to the realities of life after surgery. Below, please click on the various aftercare topics to learn more:

Early Recovery

Longer Term