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Common Nutritional Deficiencies After Bariatric Surgery

One of the most problematic complications we see after bariatric surgery revolves around patients who do not meet their nutritional requirements. Patients lose weight because of a significantly restricted caloric intake, meaning they will be ingesting and using fewer vitamins and minerals. Levels of specific vitamins and minerals are more affected than others. As such, patients must work with their practice to create a supplementation plan based on the procedure performed and the results of their blood panels taken periodically […]

Drinking Alcohol After Your Bariatric Surgery

Many of us enjoy a drink occasionally. Whether it’s a way to unwind after a long day or part of a social routine with friends or family, it is often concerning when you’re told that drinking has to be stopped entirely for the first six months after your bariatric procedure and that there are restrictions on drinking habits longer-term too. Let’s go through what your life will look like with alcohol starting from the day of surgery.

Why Counting Calories Should Not Be Your Only Concern After Bariatric Surgery

Calories in calories out are the basis for weight gain and weight loss, but it would be a mistake not to look any deeper and understand what that means. After all, it’s not just how much we eat that counts, but also what we eat, the ingredients we consume, and what we drink. So, let’s understand how you should eat and drink after bariatric surgery. Before we do, however, let’s talk about tracking. Many apps out there track what you […]

The Importance of Vitamin D After Bariatric Surgery, and How to Get It

Vitamin D is one of the most crucial vitamins our bodies need, regardless of whether we’ve had bariatric surgery. It is also a vitamin many if not most, Americans are deficient in. Why? Exposure to ultraviolet radiation (sunlight primarily) allows for the synthesis of Vitamin D. Now, you may spend plenty of time in the sun, but if you use sunscreen/sunblock, your skin will absorb far less UV. Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with several possibly problematic issues, including […]

Need To Know – News on Aspartame Artificial Sweetener

Artificial sweeteners are undeniably a part of a bariatric patient’s life. They offer a no or low-calorie option for sweetening foods and drinks that would otherwise seem very bland. However, artificial sweeteners have distinct downsides that should be understood. These synthetic alternatives to sugar have alternately been declared safe and, at times, been considered carcinogenic. This was the case for saccharin, brand name Sweet’N Low (in the pink packets), which was put on a list of carcinogenic chemicals by the […]

Eating in a Rush – What to Do?

Life gets busy. So what do you do when you’re in a rush but still need something to eat? Should you eat or wait for the next meal? If you do eat, how big should the meal be? Fast food? Home cooked? It’s normal to have these questions when rushing out the door. Below we’ll offer some tips on what foods could make sense when headed to work, which fast food options to consider, how to be prepared in these […]

Will I Feel Hungry After Bariatric Surgery?

It’s a common question that makes a lot of sense. After bariatric surgery, will you have an unenviable situation where your stomach is significantly smaller, but you remain hungry? The answer will depend from person to person; however, generally speaking, every major bariatric procedure currently offered has a mechanism by which it reduces hunger. Let’s take the three most popular bariatric surgeries today and discuss them one by one. Before discussing weight loss surgery options, knowing that the Lap-Band and […]

Beef Substitutes: Legit or All Hype?

With excess weight and obesity running rampant in modern-day society and no end or significant improvement in sight, we have become a culture obsessed with dieting and physical health. For many of us, years of living with obesity make it very difficult to lose and keep weight off over the long term. This is why about 90% of patients who follow a diet and exercise program may lose weight but ultimately regain it once their diet and exercise program becomes […]

Is Agave Syrup a Healthy Sweetener Alternative for Bariatric Patients?

Agave syrup has taken the sweetener world by storm. Because it is low on the glycemic index, it has been put forth as a beneficial sweetener and is often touted as better than table sugar, honey, and maple syrup. After all, it comes from the same plant that gives us tequila! It’s the perfect sweetener, right? Not quite. Let’s Start by Understanding What Agave Is Agave is a succulent found in North and South America and has been used for […]

Addiction Substitution After Bariatric Surgery

We know that food, particularly sugary foods, can be addictive. Some studies suggest that the addictive properties of sugar are as powerful, if not greater than some illicit drugs. It is, therefore, no wonder that it is so difficult to “just lose weight.” While many of us start a new diet with great enthusiasm and success, a few weeks or months later, this focus tends to fall by the wayside, and we eventually regain the weight, sometimes adding even more […]

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